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Paper umbrellas
See One inch dollhouse to purchase umbrella

Paper Umbrellas
1. Ideas for finishing them for parasols. Paint the umbrella with pearl paint in a matching color to the umbrella. Pearl paint lets the color come through. Trim with lace, tiny colored beads. Cut the toothpick to length then put a larger bead at the end.
2. Finishing them for a sand box. Paint any color you like. Let the designs show through or cover them up. Seal. Stick the toothpick into the sand for a nice cover.
3. Finish them for outside table of cafe tables. Add thin tape scalloped around the edges. Paint them any color you like.Seal with several layers of acrylic sealer to make them look like plastic, or cover with thin plastic looking fabric. Drill a hole in in the center of your table then insert toothpick into the the center of the table.

HS Brick Tape

How to use Half Scale (or any Scale) Brick Tape
Please read the directions through so that you will understand what you are doing.

HS Brick Lattice

1. Paint the area you want to brick with a flat hobby paint of your choice. This color will be the color of your mortar between the bricks.
2. Leaving 1/4 to 1/2 inch at the end, peel the brick tape lattice stencil from the backing, and place it at the bottom of your brick project. You will need that 1/4 to 1/2 inch to grab to pull the stencil back off later one so don't forget to leave it sticking out at the end. We recommend that you only do one side of the project at a time. If the project is taller than the brick tape, peel a second strip and carefully place the first mortar row over the top row of the last piece of brick table so that there is only one line of mortar between tapes. Be sure that your bricks are staggered so that you don't have any vertical brick mortar in lines. The vertical rows should be staggered. Continue on until you reach the top of your project.
3. Adding the brick mixture (see below for how to mix the brick mixture). With a knife, trowel or any other flat tool that you are comfortable using, spread the brick mixture starting at the top of your project and working your way down to the bottom of the project. Work quickly. You do NOT want the brick mixture to dry completely. The brick should be about 1/16 of an inch to 1/8 of an inch thick.**
4. When that side of the project is covered with brick mixture, starting at the top, grab the 1/4 to 1/2 inch you left at the end, and peel the lattice stencil off one layer at a time. The brick mixture should have set up some but NOT be completely dry. Once you have all the lattice stencil off, let the brick dry completely. However you can start another side of your project. Be careful at the corners to make sure that your bricks line up to give a proper looking corner and make sure that you continue the staggered brick patter to the next side of your project.
5. Once the brick is completely dry, you can dry brush paint on some of the bricks to give the effect of different color of bricks, or shading for new/used brick. If you paint, let the paint dry completely.
6. Once the brick looks like you want it to, and the paint and brick are completely dry, spray the brick with a good acrylic sealer. Your brick will give you years of beautiful Bricks.

Brick Mixtures:  Magic Brik Mixture. I've arranged to buy just the brick mixture from Magic Brik. It comes in a 6 ounce package and covers 1 square foot. To use the brick mixture you mix small amounts with water. Only mix what you think you can use in a few minutes. I've found that empty small butter tubs with lids make great containers to mix the Magic Brik in because it will not harden immediately if you have extra and keep it covered. You mix just a few drops of water at a time. The mixture should be similar to the consistency of cake icing. You want it to spread but not drip. Magic Brik comes in red or white. If you use white, you can add a small amount of paint to have different color base bricks. Then you can add shading in other colors after the bricks are dry.

Alternately, you can use ready mixed Joint Compound or Spackle. They come in small containers that cost about $4-$6 and are available at Lowes, Home Depot or any paint or hardware store. They basically work the same way. They come ready mixed and are easy to spread and wash up with water. On variation is if you want a more sanded product like the Magic Brik, you can place a small amount of the joint compound or spackle into an empty butter container, and mix about a teaspoon of very fine play sand into the joint compound or spackle. You may need to add a few drops of water to bring the mixture back to a good spreading consistency. Since these products are white or off white, you can add small amounts of paint to color your brick before you apply it to the lattice stencil.

** A variation on smooth brick walls, if you want your brick to look like a very old broken down building, vary the thickness of your brick mixture as you spread it. Once you remove the lattice the remaining brick will look uneven like it is very old and some of it has worn away by age and weather.

The brick on this house was applied more than 15 years ago and is good now as it was then.


NEED INSTRUCTIONS for a Dollhouse Kit that came without them?
If they don't have what you want listed, be sure to ask because they often have some that aren't listed. They also take scanned dollhouse instructions as a donation
so if you have some dollhouse instructions that you can scan and send, send them to Gary Root.

From Laurie Sission: Some ideas on how to make Cruise Themed tables.
"It is the ships small wheel K-40XS on top of the Tulip Glass F-52. A quick spritz of Fusion Paint made a perfect primer. Then I used regular craft paint in brown, brushed with gold for the wheel. The base is all gold. The "glass" top is cut from a scrap of packing plastic.
I am also using the shake glass
F-53 as the base for the larger ships wheel to make a half inch side table. If you use the life preserver, they make nice tops as well. All sorts of Cruise Themed tables from these pieces. The shake glasses made sturdy bases used either way."
NOTE: The ships wheels and life preservers also come in one inch scale too. You would need a larger base on them.

Cruise Themed tables

Cruise Themed tables.

Cruise Themed tables.

From Jill Castrel: When making faux leather for furniture or when using thin leather for small scale furniture:  If  you have little glue spots to hide you could trim seams with very small roping like 1 strand of embroidery floss or bunka.  Or you could fashion a miniature quilt throw using the faux fabric technique in the instructions - instead of cutting a pattern from the "fabric" cut a  square, crease folds in it, and drape over the arm of the chair tacking in place with a little glue.  I have used this to make 1/4 
scale quilts on a quilt rack to great affect. Probably should mention this on the half scale group - some might find it useful.

Another way to remove wallpaper:
Oh Yay!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me for not recalling the persons name, but suggesting I use cheap fabric softener to remove wallpaper from a roombox. It took me about 10 minutes to do all 3 walls. It could not have been easier. Terrific tip!!!! Thanks again!!!! Kate Henry

TIP: 6 foot man in
1/144-scale = 1/2" tall
QS-scale = 1-1/2" tall
scale = 3" tall
HO-scale = 3/4" tall or 13/16"
N-scale  = 3/8" tall
S-Scale = 1-1/8" tall

Scrubby for holding flower, etc. tip...Gerry Schipper 2/21/2010

Finally, a use for the scrubbys that come with our scrubby holders! Works  perfectly for holding flower stems to dry with the leaves on them.

Scrubby for holding flower

Brush Cleaning Tips - Submitted by Gerry Schipper
So...what I need is a way to get them into water but only the ends (so
the handles don't get too wet) and with the brush off the bottom so they
don't get bent. What worked??? I put a little blue tac on the inside of
the water glass and attached the any brush can be positioned

There is another easy way to suspend a brush in a bottle of cleaning
so the bristles won't get bent. Get an inexpensive BABY BOTTLE... the kind
with a screw-on nipple. Cut a small X in the end of the nipple just big
enough to push the end of the brush handle through. Fill the bottle with
1/3 to 1/2 liquid. Push the brush handle into the nipple, adjust it so
it is held where you want it, then screw the nipple back on. No more
bent bristles!

Now what I use personally (Gerry speaking) for rinsing while painting
is:  After I pour the last of my fabric softner into laundry...I take
the bottle and fill with water and use this water in my paint rinsing
cup.  I got the softner tip from The Guys from TX.  There seems to be
enough softner left in the bottle to do the trick and keep bristles
soft.  I usually wash them with Dawn detergent when done painting.

Straightening a brush; Wet your brush and put a little dish soap on it, then put it in the
freezer. After it's frozen good and solid, remove it and just let it
thaw out, then wash out the soap. That should straighten it out.


Scale Conversion Chart

Complements of Model Builder's Supply

Note: N-Scale (depending on the manufacturer) is 1:148 to 1:160

Some of you might find this conversion chart to be of some use.

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