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VIRTUAL DOLLHOUSE designs ONE PAGE WEB-ADS linked to your Website or E-mail.
In order to create an ONE PAGE WEB-AD for stores or artisans who want to have a presence on the Internet but don't want to worry about having to do the work themselves, or want to ADVERTISE their existing website, you would need to submit by e-mail, your photographs and ad copy to

If you are interested in an ad, please e-mail this information: YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, STORE NAME, PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS, WHAT YOUR STORE SELLS OR WHAT YOU MAKE OR SPECIALIZE IN. Also e-mail any photos in JPEG or GIF that you want included in your Web-Ad to  Make your payment choice below. If you need more information, please e-mail  or if you do not receive an
e-mail response within 48 hours, please send another e-mail or call 410-239-2377 to let us know that you have submitted a request. Thank you.

Our "Off-Line" database is to help buyers find special items of merchandise, a special artist or a store address or phone number. We only give out business information upon request. If you have a preference on how you want to be contacted, please let us know. If you prefer, we can arrange to send the customer information to you, allowing you to make contact if you desire to pursue the request. Only business information is listed.

Our Rates

Your first ad must be prepaid. Our yearly rates have not changed in 15 years!

ADS: Save on advertising costs. List with us and get sales from our ads in the miniature magazines. We are currently running ads in Miniature Collector Magazine  You get two months listing for $45. Yearly ad rates will be $112.50 for 12 months a 25% savings over the monthly ad. If you pay by PayPal there is an additional fee, depending on where you are located. Ads may be changed once a month during your paid ad time. ALL SALES ARE YOURS. If you don't have one, we can design a logo for you.

PICTURES: You may e-mail ".GIF" or ".JPG" files, at no charge. We can resize photos, if necessary.

ADS: All ads will be custom designed for each the advertiser. An ad consists of a small listing on one of the category pages, (Artisans' Loft, or Virtual Mall) which will link to a mini webpage ad. You may place as much as you want on your mini webpage ad. You may change it once a month during your paid ad time. All sales are yours. Ads will be linked to your existing webpage or your e-mail.  We accept checks drawn on US funds or PayPal (credit cards through PayPal). Please contact  or

LINKS: We will exchange links, or small banners at NO charge, OR you can list your one way link for $24 per year. Your link can have a one line description of your store or  specialties. These will be found on the Related Sites page. We ONLY exchange links with other MINIATURE sites.

All payment must be in US FUNDS. We can accept credit cards through Pay Pal. If you use PayPal there will be an additional fee, depending on whether you are in the US or not. Checks or money orders must be in US funds.  For more information please contact us.  There will be a $50 charge for returned checks, plus the fee for any time your ad was published. If your check is returned, your ad will be taken down immediately.

Please make checks payable to:
(make a note on the memo line of your check...VIRTUAL DOLLHOUSE AD)

Send to
Grace Shaw
5137 Hoffmanville Road
Manchester, MD 21102-2234

Or pay by credit card or Pay Pal through PayPal. Open your PayPal account and send payment to:  or  If you use PayPal to pay for your web-ad, there is a minimum a service charge for using PayPal (to cover the PayPal fees). The fee will be what PayPal charges me.
In the US fees are figured by multiplying the total $  by .029 +$0. 30. INTERNATIONAL fees are figured by multiplying the total $ by .039 + $0. 30. ALL FUNDS MUST BE IN US CURRENCY.

 $112.50 for Mini Webpage ad for one year. (PP fee $3.56 in US) 
$112.50 for Mini Webpage ad for one year (PP fee $4.69 International) 

$45 for Mini Webpage ad for two months (PP fee $1.61 in US)
$45 for Mini Webpage ad for two months (PP fee $2.06 in International)

If you have questions, call 410-239-2377, e-mail or
fax 410-374-1369


We currently have over 6900 listings for the USA alone.
International data has over 2500 listings.

We have created an "off-line" database of miniature stores and artisans. To be included in our database, either e-mail us with your company information, or fill out the form on the listing information page. If you would like to be included in our data base, or find out what is in your listing, we will be glad to help you. We do NOT publish or sell the information in our database. We list only business information and give it out on a one to one basis. If you prefer not to have your business information given out, we can arrange to have customers information given to you so you can decide whether to pursue the sale or not.

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