Miniature Doll House Trees
Trees for architectural models, railroads, and trees for miniaturists.

For the most complete, realistic collection of artificial miniature
trees. Most are species specific and include:
Deciduous Trees, Pine Trees, Flowering and Fruit Trees, Sub-Tropical Trees, Palm Trees, and Generic shade
trees for
landscaping miniatures, dolls houses, architectural trees for models, railroads or gifts and home decor.
Also 1-2" Bonsai and potted Palms and Ferns.
Marilyn Heath Lauffer

239-642-9042   570-384-3822
Please list "Trees" in your subject line so I know an order or question is enclosed..

Also offering Workshops on tree construction and room box scenes.
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"For the beauty of the earth - and for the gift of your precious Son, the Master Creator - we humbly thank you, Lord"

Revised 03/31/2021

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Most trees available from 4" and up (some as small as 2").
Prices start at $10 per inch of height depending on construction of tree. Some may be considerably higher depending on density,
width and additions such as hand crafted blossoms.
See Chart Below.

Shade Trees & Evergreens

Live Oak with Spanish Moss
Live Oak with Spanish Moss

Live Oak
Quercus virginiana
This graceful tree of southeastern United States, draped with  Spanish Moss, is perhaps one of the most artistic of all trees. 
Starting at $14 per inch. Moss additional.

Live Oak With Spanish Moss
Live Oak with Spanish Moss

Flowering Trees
In the north, flowering trees lighten the heart and the mood when they announce the coming of spring by bursting into their gorgeous floral display.

Weeping Cherry tree
Weeping Cherry
The graceful Weeping Cherry is perhaps the most beautiful of the all the flowering trees.
Starting at $14 per inch.

Magnolia Tree
Magnolia Tree
Magnolia grandiflora
pictured blossoms being created by Joan Maher
The Southern Magnolia grows throughout Georgia and the Carolinas, presenting its magnificent white blossoms in the spring. Often as much as 10-12 inches on mature trees, these blossoms seem almost too good to be true! Because the branches begin low to the ground, this tree can also be recognized without it's blooms by its characteristic shape.
Prices starting at $16 per inch, Blossoms additional.

Red Bud Tree
Red Bud Tree
Cercis canadensis
The graceful Red Bud heralds spring with its glorious orchid color blooms that spring directly from the bark of its trunk and branches. Dating back to Biblical times, it is also known as the Judas tree.
Starting at $17 per inch.


Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life
This beautiful 3d reproduction of the classic Tree of Life will take your breath away.

Use in home decorating, wedding decor, for doll house and railroad platforms or just to meditate on. This one, which has been sold, was 24" tall by 32" wide and weighed 17 lbs. Custom order it in any size. The tree can be fit close to a wall or doll house by being designed flat in the back to save space but looks stunning full size on a round coffee table - or any coffee table. Have your initials carved onto a little plaque attached to an 8" tree, (or into the trunk of larger tree) for a wedding or cake topper or anniversary gift..

Tree of Life leaves
Close up of leaves

Tree of Life trunk w/initals in trunk

Taller trees have plastic leaves resembling ruscus (butcher's broom) and ship internationally.  Smaller trees have natural foliage and distribution is limited to the US.  The bark can be made rough, as shown, or smooth.

Tree of Life roots

This 24" tree sold for $565.
 A 6" tree costs $98


Graceful Shade Trees

Graceful Shade Tree

With plastic leaves shaped like ruscus and an oval moss covered base this Graceful Shade Tree can be shipped internationally

Starting at only $14 per inch of height, it provides a great opportunity for  One Inch Scale Miniaturists  to have a custom crafted tree at a reasonable price.

Closeup Graceful Shade Tree

This Graceful Shade tree is 15 inches wide but only 12 inches deep with an oval base so that it can be set fairly close to a wall. This tree is good for 1:12 scale and 1:24 scale.
These trees can be made any size.


Space Saver Shade Tree
This beautiful shade tree, resembling the elm, is exceptionally tall but takes up very little space due to it's slender styling. Enjoy it with your 1:12 scale models, or just use it for a  most unusual and lovely table decoration. 
Price starting at $10 per inch of height. Looks best at 12 inches or taller.

Goldenrod Shade Tree

 Large Banyon Tree
Banyan Tree
The magnificent Banyan tree is sometimes called the "walking tree" because the aerial roots it sends down from its branches take root in the ground and gradually thicken to form new trunks parallel to the original. As the tree grows, more roots are sent down farther and farther from the original trunk. Yet throughout the process, the Banyan remains one tree with many, many trunks, all covered with its extensive leaf canopy.
Found in the tropics and subtropics, its wide spreading branches provide wonderful shade and it's unique structure leads one to images of Peter Pan and wood sprites.
Starting at $40 per inch.

Pink Dogwood Tree

The Pink or White Dogwood
The Dogwood is distinguished by its twisted trunk which contrasts intriguingly with the graceful, almost candelabra-like form of the ends of its branches. This form results in the blooms being enchantingly layered, a look EarthScapes seeks to replicate. Legend is that this tree used to be the large and hard as oaks, and was thus used for crucifixions. Jesus, looking on the tree and empathizing with its sorry at being used for such a cruel purpose, promised this would never again happen. From that time on the tree has been small and delicate, and one can see the cross symbolized in its four pedaled, rusty red tipped flowers.
Starting at $19 per inch.

White Dogwood Tree

Ficus Fig Tree trunk

Ficus Fig with Strangler Fig
A favorite for interior decor, this Ficus Fig is patterned from those growing wild in the Florida Everglades. Most are wrapped with a Strangler Fig which creates intriguing patterns around the Ficus' Trunk.
Starting a $18 per inch.          

Ficus Tree


Florida Mangrove Tree

Florida Mangrove
Protected by law for its crucial environmental role, these trees grow thick along the Florida shores. Their exposed, curved trunks provide significant shelter for costal marine life. Their amazing leaves filter the salt water, providing the tree with its own supply for fresh water! You will even see Mangroves growing on oyster beds in the middle of waterways.
Starting at $14 per inch.

Fruit Trees
No Collection of trees would be complete without some fruit trees. Take your pick
of luscious apples or succulent citrus. If the fruit tree is planted in the ground instead of a pot, the foliage naturally grows all the way to the ground with little or no trunk showing. This would start at $18 per inch of height

Apple Tree
Apple Tree
Starts at $14 per inch, apples $1 each..

Orange Tree
Orange Tree
The Orange tree starts at $14, with fruit and pot extra.
It can also be made into a Lemon or Lime tree.

Blue Spruce resting on Rock
Blue Spruce TreeCloseup of Blue Spruce
Blue Spruce
Imagine Christmas in your yard when your cherished Blue Spruce is
 loaded with beautiful Christmas Lights
Starts at $17 per inch.

Royal Poinciana
Royal Poinciana tree up close
It's hard to believe this gorgeous blazing tree, with it's smooth, light colored trunk, is actually found frequently in southern Florida.
Starts at $18 per inch.

Marilyn designs her trees from live trees of pictures of live trees. Please send pictures of your favorite tree and she will recreate it as she did for the Smeriglios.

Maple Trees For All Seasons
The beloved maple tree offers a variety of shapes and colorations.
Here are a few.

Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple Tree
Starting at $14
per inch

Summer Maple
Summer Maple Tree
Starting at $14
per inch

White Birch Tree
White Birch
Betula Papyrifera
What child hasn't delighted at discovering the fascinating bark of a white birch tree? Who hasn't been enchanted upon seeing them on a wooded mountainside? The birch grows with a single trunk or in clumps of several and is a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Starting at $14 per inch.

Black Walnut Tree
Black Walnut
Everyone loves a summer afternoon under the shade of a majestic shade tree. Birds and squirrels can play in it's branches while people have a picnic in the grass beneath its cool shade.
Tree can be shaped to represent many species of trees
including maple, elm, etc. 
Starting at $14 per inch.

Mahogany Tree
Mahogany Tree
Swietenia mahogani
The tree that grows the beautiful, rich colored red-brown wood used in fine furniture is also used extensively in south Florida landscaping. In the spring, it produces reddish-brown wooden pods shaped and sized something like a green pepper.

Starting at $14 per inch.

Weeping Willow Tree

  Weeping Willow
  Salix Babylonica

Weeping Birch Tree
Weeping Birch
Weeping Birch as shown above
starts at $14 per inch.

One of the earlier trees to leaf out in the spring, the weeping
  willow's slender, silver green leaves sway in the breeze on
its supple, drooping branches. A tree of antiquity, it is
mentioned in literature of Babylonian origin.
Starting at $14 per inch.

Flat Top Acacia Tree
Flat Top Acacia

Flat Top Acacia
The classic shape of the Flat Top Acacia is a sure sign you're in the Serengeti plains of Africa.
In addition to the flat top, you can order an Umbrella Top Acacia or the beautiful
 Yellow Fever Acacia
(so named because early explorers of the Continent thought it
 caused Yellow Fever because of its unique yellow bark!)

Starting at $14 per inch.

Jacaranda Tree
On a sunny Day, stand under the Jacaranda in bloom, with its blued petals scattered on the
ground beneath, and you will find yourself flooded in a beautiful blue light. Native to Brazil,
 it has been panted throughout the tropics and subtropics because of its sensational blue hue. The feathery green leaves begin to appear when the blossoms start to fall.
Starting at $14 per inch.

Jacaranda Tree
Jacaranda Tree

Palm Trees

Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Canary Island Date Palm
Phoenix canariensis
Making a dramatic statement in any landscaping, the Canary Island Date Palm (which originated in those islands) is a relatively short tree with in those islands) is a relatively short tree with a trunk so wide it may weigh several tons when mature.

Royal Palm Trees
Royal Palms (along a walkway!)
Roystonea Elata
Native to Florida, these stately palms, with their towering height and concrete-appearing trunks, create a majestic appearance as they line many of old Florida's major avenues. They are also lovely in home landscaping, especially combined with other palms.

Starting at $14 per inch.

The bark is rough, and slender, feathery fronds emerge from a widened "bowl" which sometimes sprouts miniature  fronds as seen in this picture.
Starting at $18 per inch.

Canary Island Date Palm closeup

  Pigmy Palm 
Phoenix Roebelinii
Usually grouped in two's and three's, this bent trunk, rough-barked little tree with feathery fronds is used inside  as well as out and adds great charm to any setting.
Starting at $14 per inch of height per trunk.
Pigmy Palm Tree


Coconut Palm Tree

Whew! That was close ! Sometimes those coconuts fall a little too close for comfort! 
Coconut palms are available without monkeys, awaiting your own addition to the scene, a macaw, a shore bird, etc.

       Coconut Palm  Cocos Nucifera

This curved-trunk, gracefully swaying palm of islands, beaches, and inland lagoons is the form most envisioned when people think of a palm tree. These lovely palms were planted on Catalina Island for the movie set of South pacific and this beautification lingers on there to this day. These palms are available as is, or with scenic or whimsical enhancements. Snowy egrets, Herons, Roseate Spoonbills, Sea shells, sea oats, sea grapes, mangroves, alligators, monkeys  are all available, if desired.
Starting at $14 per inch.

Christmas Palm
Veitchia Merrelli
Usually seen in groups of two's or three's, this palm resembles a small Royal palm with a slightly bent trunk. It is named for the bright red fruit that appears a few weeks before Christmas.
Starting at $14 per inch height per trunk.
Christmas Palm Tree
What a great idea for a  unique  Christmas decoration or gift?

Queen Palm
 Cocos Plumosa, Syagrus romanzoffiana
Used extensively in landscaping in Florida, this exceptionally graceful tree has deep green, drooping fronds emerging from a  widened "bowl" atop a slender trunk which usually narrows even more towards the base"

Queen Palm Tree

Closeup Queen Palm Tree

Starting at $14 per inch.



May also be used for ¼” landscaping
Sizes starting from 1 inch
$32 to $65
Click on images for closer views. See
Do It Yourself Corner for Kits

Hornbeam Bonsai

Jacaranda Bonsai

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai
Japanese Black Pine

Tamarind Bonsai

Japanses Bonsai
Japanese Holly

Classic Curved Juniper Bonasi
 Classic Curved Juniper

Japanese Whiter Pine Bonsai
Japanese White Pine

Cypress Bonsai

Sage Bonsai

Windswept Juniper Bonsai
Windswept Juniper

Azalea Bonsai


Other Tree  Embellishments

Burnt Tree
Burnt trees can be used in a number of different settings, used as a spooky tree to dead tree struck by lightening.
Starts at $14 per inch.

Burnt Tree

Fallen Logs
Fallen Logs
Sometimes you might need a "fallen" tree. Here are some
examples of what is possible.
Custom price.

Do it Yourself Corner
Three ways to use your skill and save!
1. Purchase a tree form and foliate it yourself.
2. Use a kit and start from scratch.
3. Take a workshop.
See Below.
Look at the finished trees in the images above for examples of finished trees!

Potted Pygmy Palm Tree Kit

Potted Pygmy Palm Kit
 featured in Dollhouse Miniatures, Fall "08         
or Take the workshop. See Below.     

Pygmy Palm Tree Kit

All Tree Kits - Starting at $23.00 (plus shipping).
Look at the finished trees in the images above for examples of finished trees!
Weeping Willow, Cherry or Birch
One or two trunk White Birch
Citrus, Lemon or Grapefruit
Dogwood, Pink or White
Ask about other possibilities!

Bonsai Kits $18.00 (plus shipping)
Species based on trees most adaptable to training. Look at the finished Bonsai in the images above!

Ficus Fig

Japanese White Pine
Japanese Black Pine

Cypress with Spanish Moss
Japanese Holly
Yellow Sage

Sample Tree Frames. Others available. All Scales!
These are samples of what your tree frames could look like, but are not part of the kits.
They can be custom made for you to foliate yourself.

Double Oak Tree Frame
Double Oak Frame

Dogwood Tree Frame
Dogwood Frame

Willow Tree Frame
Willow Frame

Apple Tree Frame
Apple Frame

Red Bud Tree Frame
Red Bud Frame

General Pricing for Trees - 2019

Up to 7" - $14 to $98

10" - $160

13" - $225

16" - $330

19" - $435

22" - $540

25" - $690

28" -$1030

31" - $1360

8" - $120

11" - $180

14" - $260

17" - $365

20" - $465

23" - $580

26" - $760

29" - $1130

32" - $1490

9" - $140

12"- $195

15" - $295

18" - $395

21"- $498

24" - $630

27" - $840

30" - $1240


Workshops on tree construction and room box scenes by

Designed by Ann Carol,
of Wee Home Shoppe and
 Marilyn Lauffer,
of Trees by Heath... Naturally.

New England Auction Workshop
Antique, wallpaper and enhance a ½” scale room box with Barn Siding, stone foundation, White Birch Tree and naturalized landscaping. Create a table and auction sign, and add your items for “sale.” Butter churn, horseshoe, barrel included

Learn to make any tree designed by EarthScapes by Heath . . . Naturally
Enjoy the beauty of natural foliage in your yard, patio, deck, entry hall or atrium

14” Weeping Willow by EarthScapes
Choose from
Weeping Willows, Live Oaks with Spanish moss, Weeping Cherries, White Birches, Sugar and Red Maples in the fall, potted palms and ornamentals
6 species of palm trees
Create a Bonsai tree!

Designed by Ann Carol,
of Wee Home Shoppe and
 Marilyn Lauffer,
of Trees by Heath... Naturally.

Original photographs of Mt. Kilimanjaro and African herds surround you as you relax on the deck of your safari hotel
African Odyssey Workshop

African Herds Workshop
Apply wallpaper, construct and accessorize a deck and beautiful table, create an African flat top Acacia Tree, potted plant, and
landscaping from natural foliages. Available in 1/2" scale and 1" scale.

Call or e-mail for more information!
239-642-9042        570-384-3822

About the Artist
For the beauty of the earth . . .
Artist Marilyn Heath Lauffer has spent the last 14 years refining techniques for fashioning enchanting replicas of nature from nature itself. She considers her designs a celebration of the beauty of nature. Her works are delightful gifts for home decor and are also used for architectural models and dollhouse landscaping. The pieces are very durable and are guaranteed for years if handled with reasonable care. To clean, use a hair dryer on low speed, no heat. Spray afterwards
 with matte finish clear spray. Do not leave continuously in sunlight or by heat vents.
. . . and for your precious Son, we praise you and thank you, dear God, the Master Creator.

Marilyn Heath Lauffer
239-642-9042   570-384-3822
Please list "Trees" in your subject line or e-mail will not be opened.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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