Grand Obsessions Piano Shop 1:12
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Both Grand Obsessions Piano Shop and the Better Days Pawn Shop were club projects. Grace is a member of the NAME, MEOW (Miniature Enthusiasts of Westminster) Club. The Piano Shop is built from 3/4 inch foam board. Grace did use 3/4 inch plywood for the base. The outside is finished with Magic Brick. The door was pre-made but the windows, Grace constructed herself.

You are looking at the front wall.

This is an upright piano just to the right of the door. The floral arrangement sitting on top was made by Linda Steel. Grace built the metronome.

In the center of the store is a harp.
Grace bashed a fireplace screen kit to make the music stand.

The chair is the Take-a-Seat
 Music Room chair.

The white grand piano has the painting, The Swing painted on its lid. 

This is looking at the back wall.
The partridge painting is by Ed Murdock.

This is the right side and corner. Grace made both of the nature scene picture frames.

You are looking at the left side and corner. The pictures came from a little calendar.

Thanks to for some of the music sheets.

Grand Obsessions Piano shop took a red second place ribbon in the
First State Mini Club Exhibit and Competition, in Claymont, DE on April 27, 2003.
Thank you to all who helped me achieve this honor.

For Sale $3000

Better Days Pawn Shop 1:12

The Pawn Shop was constructed from a Houseworks Bay Window Shop kit.
It too, has Magic Brick on the exterior.

Chryssa Sharp helped Grace come up with the name for the pawn shop.

The chain link is very realistic. It's made from Activ-wire mesh. One side is a  gate with a padlock on it.

You are looking at the right front wall. Some of the bowls in the shelf were made from "Shrink Art Plastic" by Jan Redfield.

The watches and one or two of the
 pieces of jewelry were purchased
 but Grace made most of them
herself. The box on top of the
counter is a coin box. There are
 plastic coin boxes full of coins too.
 The cash register was made by
 Micki Cameron from Scotland.

Grace made the lamp and painted
 the bells on top of the front cabinet.
 She made all of the picture frames
 except the gold colored metal ones.  The bike and scooter were
donated by Marlene Smith. Grace
 also made the golf clubs and bag.

The next few photos show the
 back  of the shop.

Grace made the blue plates
on the back shelf.

The guns on the back shelf were unfinished metal minis. They came from
and were painted by Grace.

The painting is by Ed Murdock and
is available from
Miniature Floral Delights

The resin doll was too young looking
so Grace gave him gray hair and
 a scruffy beard look.

Some of the glassware on the shelf to  the right of the proprietor, is made by
Bonnie Lavish.

Better Days Pawn shop took a first place blue ribbon in the
First State Mini Club Exhibit and Competition, in Claymont, DE on April 27, 2003.
Thank you to all who helped me achieve this honor.

It took Grace most of a year to complete the two above shops.

Mall Sign

Grace's club members are all making shops too. Grace made a mall sign to go with all the shops when the club displays them at dollhouse shows.
The names of the shops can be taken off and changed around as necessary, according to whose shop is being displayed at that show.

The front of the mall sign, showing both sides.
One side has the walk, which is the cat's tail.

The first two pictures show the left and right side views of the sign.
Notice that the walk is the cat's tail.
The mall sign is made from foam board with Magic Brick on it.

For Sale $5000

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