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Revised 10/04/2008

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Leprechauns, St. Paddy's Day Scene
Grace painted the metal leprechauns and put them in a St. Paddy's Day hat given to her by Gerry Schipper.

Quarter Scale One Room Schoolhouse 2006
Several years ago while shopping at a flea market, I came across this adorable school shaped tin. I bought it thinking it could have a school room scene in it. Recently, the Quarter Scale Connection had School Days Roundtables and I bought the student and teachers desk kits, and the blackboard kit to complete a one room schoolhouse inside of this adorable school shaped tin.



I added the flag & pot belly stove.

While most of the children and teacher are outside during recess, Gerry & Dan are being punished inside having to write 100 times, "I will not talk in class."

New and improved!

Better view of map wall.

Better view of drawing wall.

The School Room now has a teacher made by Jan Stockwell! Thanks Jan!


School House For Sale $1000

Quarter Scale Medieval Library 2006
This little quarter scale library was made from a Luci Hanson roombox kit.

The Liberian just stepped out for a short break leaving his research materials, maps and snack waiting on the table.

click on images for closer view

Updated Medieval Library is now peopled with a Wizard and a Medieval Lady made by Jan Stockwell.

2007 Quarter Connection Online Convention - "Kids & Kritters"

Grace volunteered to make a centerpiece for the 2007 Online Convention. She also made 53 tote bag swaps and 10 table swaps. Click on images for a closer view.

Center piece

2007 QC Online Convention Table Swaps

Grace Shaw

Grace Shaw

Susan Sheridon

Carol Shea

Lee Strobridge

Jan Stockwell

Lenora Smith

Mary Lou Stephens

Mary Sweet

Rhonda Simpson

2007 Tote bag Favors
Please forgive me if I got any names wrong.

Betty Perry

Cindy McDaniel
house was the box

Carol Barkalow

Amy Rauch

Ann Walker
baby bottle & toy

Ann Walker
bear chair

Barbara Atkinson
pet supplies

Bette Field
scooter & truck

Bobby Bain
shawl for mommy

Bonnie Gallaghe
game table

Chris Ernst
pull toy

Debora T Jones

Diana Jones
pull toy

Diane Fisher
sling shot

Dot Hogan

Corinne Curtis

Edna Perkins
tool ches

Elaine Desmarais

Elizabeth Johnson

Ginny O'Brian

Janet McCandles

Jean Day

Joan Carn

Joan Webb
doll house

JoAnne Herrick

Joyce Puma

Joyce Welch
pet bed

Karen Cary
rocking chairs

Jacqui in HI
pull toy

Kristie Dubord
pull toy

Lenora Smith

Lesia Lennex

Linda Groesch
pet supplies

Louise Znader

Marcia Beardsley

Marilyn Friesen

MaryJo Douglass

Michelle Moltzen

Pooh cat
cat tree

Rita Boyle

Ruth Piatek
game table

Sally Blackwood
book worm

Sharon Anderson
cat in bed

Sharon Gramicy

Sharon Lascelles
school bake sale

Sharon Parker
book shelf w/books

Shelly Norris
stuffed kitty

Sue Herber

Susan Karatjas


Wanda Bell

Vi Haslup

Grace's Swaps

Grace's Cat-a-Strophic  House (quarter scale)
This little project was made from a Meow Mix Cat Treat container. It's done in quarter scale.

Momma comes home from work and wonders...
 what have all these naughty kitties been up too?

Outdoor Chair Scene
A friend brought these chairs to our little club and challenged us to make scenes in them. The pictures didn't turn out real well but this is the best I could do because of the colors. Looks much better in person!

Weeping Cherry Tree (half scale)
Taught to me by Marilyn Laufer of
Earthscapes by Heath...Naturally!
To see other trees click on the link to her page.

 Quarter Scale Treasure Swap 2007 - Traded with Marilyn Friesen

This treasure swap was set up that you trade with one person. Your partner designs a complete project for you. Then they wrap up individual gifts to be opened from December 1 to December 25, when you will have the entire project. First you'll see the SW adobe that Marilyn designed for me.

Empty Adobe

Landscaped (some of the landscaping added by Grace)

Grace added a table

Also added coals in the fireplace, two pots, and dog food bowls.

Grace made Marilyn a Cat-A-Strophic Christmas House - Quarter Scale

Now a few photos of the unfinished floors that are easier to see.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Quarter Scale Asian Room Box
Birthday present (2007) from Grace's husband, Jim.
Original box is designed by Karen Benson.

Grace's Christmas Tree
For several years, Grace hasn't had a real life Christmas tree as there is no more room for one because of all the minis. This year, Grace decided to make an eight inch tree that will now adorn her table every year! Guess all gifts will have to be mini!

M&M Scrubby Holder 2008
Grace hosts a small mini club in her home, Maryland Misfits (M&M).  This December, 2007, Barbara Morgan gave Grace an M&M Scrubby Holder. Here is the little scene Grace put inside. It's not very good because there's not much room in there! Everything looked small enough before I put it inside! Still... I love it. I made the Santa doll and the M&M's. Barbara also gave us the rug kit.

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