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Dollhouse Pond 1:12
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Here are some views of the pond for Dogwood Manor. Grace had to remove the pond from the front yard of the plantation to get better lighting for the photographs. See if you can find three adult ducks, one baby duck, a frog, a turtle, and four gold fish. (You might only see a hint of the gold fish). One interesting fact about the pond is that all the grass and reeds are made from cat whiskers. (Don't pull your cat's whiskers out to try this, though. Wait for them to fall out, then save them.) The turtles shell, and the frog are carved from an opals.

Dogwood Manor Pond by Grace

Dogwood Manor Pond by Grace

Dogwood Manor Pond by Grace

Dollhouse pond in the front yard. Note the reeds & grass made from cat's whiskers

View from front of dollhouse

Look for the Gold Fish, Duck, Turtle & Frog

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