Prince of Peace
Jesus - our hope for Eternal Life
"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the Name of the Lord our God." 
Psalm 20:7

Painting "Prince of Peace" by
Akiane Kramarik

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ADULTS and NOT for CHILDREN under 14 years of age.
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Virtual Dollhouse has four sections. The first contains mini WebPages for artisans and stores. You deal directly with the artisans.
Earthscapes by Heath Naturally
For the most complete, realistic collection of Artisan Crafted trees and landscape miniatures for architectural  models, doll houses, railroads or gifts and home decor.
. .
Little Owl Books - Used books Used books offered for sale by Grace.

The second area of Virtual Dollhouse is :
Grace's Online  Store 

Please stop in and shop. Specializing in half (1:24) and quarter scales (1:48). 1:144 scale.  One inch (1:12) scale.
If you send an order and don't get a response within 24 hours, please call me. 410-239-2377
Directions to store: Click for directions
store hours: By Appointment 410-239-2377 24 hours notice necessary.
Please call in evenings or after 2 PM.

We don't like shopping carts. We offer old fashioned service through e-mail orders.

Specific links below titles to go directly to those items on the page.


QS Building Supplies - Supplies you need to build quarter scale projects.
Lattice & Fencing Slooped-Top Fencing  Plastic Windows/Doors
Building Components Tile & Floor Sheets  Architectural Pieces 
Finishing Sheets   Pine Cone Roofing 

Laser Cut Brick Sheets  Roofing Shingle

Quarter-Scale1-Finished - Items finished and ready to use for the kitchen, living room, offices and other rooms of a quarter scale project.
Cauldrons  Painted Paper/Plastic plates 
Dishes & Pans 
Linden Swiss Dishes By Karen
Artisan Made & Other QS Foods 
Furnishings/Living Room/Entertainment  Sofas  Office/Store & Kits 
Kitchens & Laundry Room

Inexpensive Brown Plastic Furniture

QS2-Finished & QS Kits - Other items ready to use for the bedroom, holidays, & out doors. Also unfinished kits for you to make for your quarter scale projects.
Bedroom Furnishings, Kits, Accessories  Christmas Kits  Halloween  Quicker Wicker Kits  
Kits-SW-A&C  Wood-Metal-Resin kits
Medieval Kits for Castle or Tudor

Karen Cary Kits

Victorian-SW-General Wood kits
Garden-Patio-Fountain & Outdoor kits, Bridges

QS Figures, People & Animals - Animals and human figures for use in your quarter scale projects.  
QS Birds & Critters by Mini-Gems; Adopt A Pet
QS Un-Painted Plastic Figures;
QS Finished Human Figures;
QS Hand-Painted Plastic Figures;
QS Painted Figures with Real Hair;

QS Grandt-line by San Juan Models 
Plastic window, doors, rails, architectural parts, lettering, chimney  QS Doors;   QS Windows;
QS Architectura

QS Houses & Structures for

QS (1:48) scale. Houses and other whimsical kits in Quarter Scale for you to build.
Room Box Kit
Virtual Dollhouse Cottage Kits

One Room School House kit
Church Kit

Grandt-line Whimsical kits Prices Reduced

Metals1 Quarter Scale   Metal House-wares, Kitchen Accessories, Sewing, Personal items, Baby, Medical, Cleaning, Bathroom, Entertainment, Office, Garden and more in quarter scale.
Gift and Starter Sets
Kitchen Accessories   Bottles & Cans

Pots, Pans & Bakery Supplies
Food  Sewing  Hats, Shoes, Personal
Baby  Housewares & Accessories
Music, Books, Games & Entertainment
Medical Supplies
Phones, Office & Business
Metal Furniture   Outdoor & Garden

Cleaning Supplies   Bathroom Fixtures
Hardware   Sports

ALL-  QS-Wallpaper & Flooring - Quarter Scale (1:48)  Brodnax Wallpaper, & pages of Dollhouse Wall paper that can be ordered in quarter scale. Includes IB paper that is discontinued when gone.

Miniature Dollhouse Rugs & Carpets

See One Inch for Electrical parts.


HS Building Supplies Supplies you need to build half  scale projects.
HS Building Components, HS Plastic Windows;   HS Tiles, HS Wood Windows;  HS Wood Doors;
HS Roofing, HS Brackets
NEW Half-Scale Conversion Chart
GRANDT-LINE FOR HS While stock lasts
Grandt-line by San Juan Models
GRANDT-LINE Architectural;

Wall Paper & Flooring 
Brodnax wood parquet floor kits NEW

HS Hardware- door knobs & faucets
Lamps & Bulbs  HS Hinges
Half Scale Brick Tape & Brick Mix


Half-Scale-Finished  1:24
/Kits/Furniture & Accessories
Half scale kitchen, family room and other room items ready to put into your projects.
Cauldrons  Fancy Glassware
Inexpensive Glassware  Linden Swiss By Karen

Silverware  Artisan & Other HS Foods
Suppers/Dinner  Breakfast Cakes  Pies  Living Room/Family Room/Entertainment
HS Kitchen Cabinets  HS Bespaq Furniture
Student Desks  Custom Sofas 
Office & Store Furniture


HS2-Finished Accessories, etc.
Half scale outdoor, animals, & unpainted figures for your projects.
Akex Meiklejohn Thrown Pottery 
Patio & Out Door
Mini Gems Figures   HS Unpainted Figures

Human Figures  Adopt a Pet  Pet Supplies
Unpainted Plastic Figures

ALL - HS-Wall Paper Half scale wallpaper in Jackson Miniatures, Brodnax and pages of wallpaper from Itsy Bitsy that can be ordered in half scale. Includes IB wallpaper that will be discontinued when gone.
Jackson Miniatures Wall Paper

Brodnax Wall Paper

IB - Discontinued when gone.

Miniature Dollhouse Rugs & Carpets

Metal Miniatures3 Half Scale metal
House-wares, Kitchen Accessories, Sewing, Personal items, Baby, Medical, Cleaning, Bathroom, Entertainment, Office, Garden for your projects.

HS Metal Gifts & Starter Sets:

HS Metal Kitchen Accessories;
HS Cans & Jars;
HS Pots, Pans & Bakery; HS Foodstuff; HS Sewing & Notions;
HS Handbags, shoes, Hats & Personal; HS Baby Supply;
HS Housewares & Household Accessories;   HS Medical Supply;
HS Music, books, games &entertainment;
HS Cleaning Supplies; 
HS Phones, Store & Office;
HS Outdoor & Garden tools  
HS Sports; HS Hardware; HS Weapons 
Painting tips

See One Inch for Electrical parts.

1:120 Scale Furniture Kits for Bespaq Baby Houses   Buy a baby house, then all the furniture kits you need to complete the Baby House.

SMALLER SCALE Pages 144; N-scale; S-scale; HO-scale; Slightly Smaller; Dollhouse Dollhouse; Match Box

Grandt-Line2  by San Juan Models  Windows & Doors  for Smaller scales. - Can be used with 1:144 scale 
N-Scale,  N-scale kits  
& HO Scale is back 

House Kits -   Small houses and whimsical kit for you to build in smaller scales. Also wall and floor tiles and finishing sheets for smaller scale.  
1/144 Scale kits  Laser Tech KITS,  Volker Arnold House kits. NEW Hart's Desire house kit line.
Grandt-line kits prices reduced

Wall & Floor Tile   Finishing Sheets

Metal Miniatures2   Metal & Other accessories for Smaller Scales - 1/144 scale, Match box, Dollhouse Dollhouse & other smaller minis. Also other small scale finished items and wood kits.
Painted and finished 1/144 items; Pottery Accessories; Kitchen & Dining Rooms; Bathrooms; Bedrooms;
Living & Family Rooms; 144 scale kits
Children's Toys & Furnishings;
Other Areas of House & Outside; Fireplace & Stoves;   Tiny FiguresWindows & Doors, Chimney & Stairs; Whole Room Cards; Match Box; Animals and Figures  Bridges 
Slightly Smaller;
 Painting tips

See One Inch for Electrical parts.


One Inch Dollhouse Structures
Check out all the details.

One Inch Scale Dollhouse Furniture & Furnishings - Furniture for One inch scale dollhouses.
Miniature Living Room & Family Room Furniture   Dollhouse Fireplaces  
South West Miniatures,
Office, Study & Hobby Room,
Miniature Bedrooms, 
Whimsical Dollhouse Furniture,
Miniature Rugs,
Miniature Stores & Shops,
Dollhouse Hall & Outdoor Patio
Miniature Outdoor & Landscaping
Flowers & Plants
Dollhouse Medical Supplies,
Dollhouse Figures, Pets & Pet Supplies

NEW    One Inch Dollhouse Accessories
Treasures, Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes
Miniature Statues & Decorator
Children's Room & Toys & Dolls, Schools,    Travel
Baskets for All Occasions in all scales
Electronics, Clocks & Appliances
Sewing, Knitting Kits & Supplies

Games & Entertainment for Dollhouse,

One Inch Dollhouse Kitchen, Food Bathroom, Laundry Room
One inch kitchen, dining room, foods and other accessories for your one inch doll houses.
Dollhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture
Chrysonbon Kits & other plastic dishes
Nigh's Miniature Dollhouse Kitchen Pottery
Dollhouse Food & Cakes for Special Occasions  Beverages
Glassware for the Dollhouse Kitchen
Other Dollhouse Kitchen Accessories
Dollhouse Bathrooms & Accessories
Dollhouse Laundry Room

One Inch Dollhouse Building Supplies, Lighting & Hardware    Supplies you need to finish building your one inch dollhouse house.
Dollhouse Wallpaper  Lighting & Electrical      Doors & Door Hardware 
Cabinet Hardware, Drawer Pulls, Trunk Hardware
Siding & Lumber   Lumber Yard
Stair cases, posts, spindles & Balusters
Flooring    Sinks & Faucets   Bricks & Blocks
Miniature Wagon Wheels  Roofing shingles

Alesso Asphalt Roof Shingles  Brackets

All One inch Scale Wallpaper - Brodnax wallpaper Mini Graphics Wallpaper and includes IB paper which will be discontinued when gone.

Miniature Dollhouse Rugs & Carpets

Metals4 - Index  of One inch (1:12) metals  Letter pages:  Lists the metal accessories in alphabetical order. Not scaled.
A-Page,   C-Page,   D-Page,   E-Page, F-Page,   J-Page,   K-Page,   M-Page,
MK-Page P-PageS-Page
W-WheelsUn-numbered, and
#001-#100 unpainted metals;

Metals4-2 - Index of One inch (1:12) metals  Lists the metal accessories in numerical order. Not scaled.
101-200201-300301-400401-500, 501-600601-700701-800801-900, 900-960,   S&S

Metals8 One inch Metal Accessories  Dollhouse Clocks, Miniature Sports, Egyptian, Weapons, Hardware, Garden & more
Dollhouse Clocks & Barometers;   1:12 Miniature Sports; Miniature Egyptian Weapons & Shields for Dollhouses;   Dollhouse Tools; Work Related Dollhouse Accessories
Outdoor Miniatures, garden tools & flowers;  Miniature Fireplace, Andirons & Accessories; Miniature Soldiers, Knights, Police, Firemen

Metal dolly and blue paint tape, duct tape, and masking tape.

Metals9  Metal Accessories for Women, Men, Children, Sewing, Decorator & statues. for one inch scale.
Women's Salon (accessories):
Men's Salon (accessories):
Babies & Kids Salon (accessories):  Bathroom Accessories & Toiletries;

Medical & Science Supplies:
Sewing Accessories, Scissors & Irons;
Busts, Statutes, Knick-knacks & Wall Decorations;

Metals10  Metal Accessories for Art, Camera, Music, Bookend, Cleaning, Lighting, & Office for one inch.
Artists Supplies;
Cameras, Binoculars, Tripod, Telescope; Music & Entertainment;   Phones; Bookends; Cleaning Supplies; Candlesticks & Lighting;
Office - Store - Drafting Supplies & packing tape;

Cans, Jars & Bottles;

Metals11  Metal Kitchens Accessories
for One inch scales.
Metal Foods
Pots, Pans & Baking Dishes
Kitchen Furnishings & Appliances;
Nut Crackers & Wedding Cake Toppers
Cookies & Cookie Cutters;
Soda Fountain Supplies
Cooking ToolsTrivets;
Salt & Pepper Shakers & Castors;

Silverware & CutleryPlates & Saucers;
Bowls, Trays, Platters & Food Servers
Pitchers & Drink Servers;
Cups, Mugs & Steins; Glasses & GobletsSugars & Creamers;
Coffee Pots, Tea Pots & Coffee Mills

Metal Accessory items that can cross scales depending on how you use them.

Painted/Finished Items for All Scales
Painted and finished ready to go Decorator items & Toys. Can be painted by request.
Christmas   Statues & Decorator Items
Painted Toys for Children & Adults   Lighthouses
Adopt a Half Scale Critter   Foods
Adopt a Quarter Scale Critter

Painted Fantasy Figures - Gnomes, fairies and other mystical folk

NEW PAGE The Picture Gallery - One of a Kind Paintings, Faux Paintings for all scales. New paintings added often. Even faux paintings only one of two available.

All Scale Holidays & Special Occasions  Speciality items for holidays in one inch scale.
Christmas  (Includes all scales)
Halloween & Spooky Stuff
Painted Christmas items
Gargoyle Funeral Urns

Dollhouse Rugs - Carpets

Lumber Yard (Scale Lumber)
Scribed Wood Sheets, Molding, & Stripe wood for building and finishing your dollhouse projects.
Tiny Turnings   
SRC Smaller Scales,
SRC Quarter Scales,
SRC Half Scale or 1:12 Scale
Birch Plywood; Moldings
Board & Batten ;   Birch Dowels
Moldings Smaller Scales 
Molding Quarter Scale
Molding Half & 1:12 Scale

Strip Wood for Quarter Scale
Strip Wood for Half & 1:12 Scale
Picture Frame - ALL Scales  Bits N Pieces
Mirror Craft sheets
Wood size chart 

Metals3-2   For ALL Scales - Metal Toys, Vehicles, Games, Banks that can be used for different scales depending on how you use them.
Toy Packs
Metal Houses & Structures; SW & Native American;
Clowns & Jack-n-the-BoxDolls;
Boats & ShipsPlanes;
Trains, Engines & Trolleys;
Cars, Trucks, Farm & Road Equipment, motor bikes & Bikes;
Banks, Games & Collectables;
Coaches & other Misc. Toys;
Painting tips

Metals5 Animals - Metal accessories that can be used in different scales depending on how you use them.
Animals, Animal Toys, Animal Planters
Starter Packs;   Other Animals;    Bears; Birds;  BugsFish
Everything Horses;
Pegasus & Unicorns; Deer, Rams;
Cows & Steers, Buffalo;  
Lizards, Snakes, Frogs, Dinosaurs;   Rodents-Mice, skunks, squirrels; ElephantsRabbits & Bunnies
Cats; Wild CatsCat Wall Decorations; Pet SuppliesDogs
   Painting tips

Metals6  Metal Charms, Seasonal, Fantasy, People Figures, Religious -
accessories for All Scales depending on how you use them.
Charms for shelves, buildings or other uses NEW
Christmas,   Halloween (skeletons, tombstones),  Easter, Valentine's DayFantasy figures,   People FiguresReligious

Metals7 Metal Picture Frames & Wheels for ALL SCALES
Picture Frames Some in Gold
Wheels All Scales
Painting tips 
Wooden Gypsy Wagon Wheels

Supplies & Tools - Display Boxes, adhesives, lettering, tools and other supplies you need to work on your mini projects.
AMAZING MOLD PUTTY & RESIN  Tools, Glue & AdhesivesLettering Polycarbonate Sheets, Copper Sheets  Solvent Cement for MBS products
Plexiglas Project Covers 
Zinssar Bullseye Primer  Turntables

Glue bottles, Blue Stik/Tacky, Monoject 
Plastic Boxes & display boxes for smaller scales Domes 

Virtual Dollhouse The STORE TERMS   About Us - Tour the Store
Ordering, Gift Certificates, NEW International Shipping Terms, Payment & Returns, Privacy & Newsletter.  Why we charge PayPal fees.   Directions to the store including maps

Custom Made Things - Made for Customers - See what we can do. The pages below are not abandoned. They are historical pages that do not change.
Customer Things - Special Request items Grace or Jim has made for customers. Feel Free to contact her for custom made items.  Addams Family Clock Tower House
Customer Things2 - Special Request items Grace or Jim has made for customers. Feel Free to contact her for custom made items. Rose Wood Manor/Dark Shadows Haunted Nursery
including the baby Vampire carriage.
Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffiny's)

Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pie oven  Other things for customers   Emily's house 
Munster's House Model
CUSTOMER THINGS-3 - Serial Killer Dexter Morgan's Apartment Things; Grimm Weapons Cabinet
CUSTOMER THINGS-4 Project based on the Woody Allen movie The Sleepers. Weird things, Christmas stuff, Shadow boxes, QS wedding stuff, 144 lamps and sconces, QS dressed beds, Arsenic & Old Lace stuff, Misc. Painted stuff, a series of finished Michel's Hutches, Painting and 144 furnished Gothic Baby House.
Customer Things-5  Kits I've put together by Jean Day, Robin Betterly and BJ Miniatures and others. Custom work, signs and stuff in 2018.
Customer Things-6
TIPS for Mini-Making Conversion Chart

Lists scales in gauge, ratio, scales in feet and metric. Scale equivalents, & architectural conversion.  Cruise Themed tables
CustomerThings7 Hand painted bathroom; Filled bar, truck and stove for Vera, Iron Maiden, Bed of nails, Doll Cabinet, cobble stone base, Rats, Downton Abby Doors, boot stretchers, Lingerie, Wedding bedroom box, framed paintings, curtains, custom shelves, check books, credit cards,  Beidermeire kits, mirror table, bed, Tiffany lamps
Free Project -
How to Build a Bay Window: 
Bar Stool Directions:

The third section of Virtual Dollhouse is made up of service information. The pages below are not abandoned. They are historical pages that do not change.
Related Sites - Links to other miniature sites
Fun Stuff
Signs of Miniature Addictions & Definitions of a Pack-mouse, Packrat & Pack-elephant.
Interior Design Tips and Principles
Jesus - our hope for Eternal Life
Do Pets Go to Heaven?
Alex & Mackenzie - Teen builds dollhouse for friend with Leukemia.
Little Owl Books - Used books. Postpaid prices
How to get around on this site
The fourth section of Virtual Dollhouse is made up of
Grace's projects. The pages below are not abandoned. They are historical pages that do not change.
Please enjoy the photos of my mini projects.
Please note: While most of these projects are not for sale, some have "if for sale" prices on them to indicate how much the projects might sell for. If you are interested in buying a project and willing to pay what it cost to make, I will discuss a possible sale with you. However, if you aren't willing or can't afford the prices, don't even bother to ask. I take my work seriously.
Grace's Dollhouse Come visit Dogwood Manor.
Dollhouse Pond
In-Law / Garage
Baltimore Row House, The Block!
Tudor Baby House 
Bedroom-Wedding Scene It all started with a dress... stop in anytime 
Beach Scene  Old Miniaturists Retirement Beach
Piano Shop & Pawn Shop
Gallery Scene 
Heavenly Pet House
Jim's Shop  & Jim's Place Outhouse
HO Scale Hopper House by the RR Tracks
Baby House
Butterfly Gardens
Gnome House
The SW Adobe  One of Grace's Favorites!
The Cobalt Room One of Grace's Favorites!
Gifts Made by Grace Also
Huggies Bathroom "In Memory Of"

Things Made for Customers
Customer Things
Customer Things2

Customer Things-5
Gifts2- More Gifts made by Grace:   Super Nurses; Townhouse;  Tree Stump House
Small Projects & Other Things
Come see Candy the Bedroom Witch. Two witch rooms are now online! Also 1/144 scale Log Cabin and Tea House , Pond in the Meadow & 1/144 Santa Fe, 1/144 La Casa, Boys Bedroom, AG stable. 1/4 scale Primrose Lane: QC 2006 convention swaps; MD State Day: Tree house
Small Projects-2
One Room Schoolhouse: Medieval Library; QS Online convention Centerpiece: Grace's Cat-A-Strophic houses; Outside chair scene; Weeping cherry tree.  Treasure Swap 2007,  Asian Room Box,  Christmas Tree  M&M Scrubby Holder
Small Projects-3
1:144 Online Convention Projects: SW Birdhouse & SW Courtyard: Gift box bedroom: Crooked Play House:  Play Yard: Step Community: Luci's Kitchen: Family Room with craft table:
Small Projects-4
Banyan Tree, Nativity scene, The Garfield; 2009 MicroMini Convention Souvenir Mansion,  Sunny Casa, Goldie Locks, the 3 Bears & an Owl, Rose Casa. Garden House, SW Courtyard; Desert Gardens.
Small Projects-5
Painting Project; Super Nurses!;
2010 MM convention stuff ; Buried Alive; 2017 HS Porch Project
Small Projects-6   Guest House: Little Blue Town House;  Castle on the Bluff Village 1-1000 scale  
Volker Arnold Baby House. NEW Valentine's Day He Shed. SW Retreat. Lilac Sea Cliff Hide-a-way. Fairy Room Box

Glencroft Christmas Cottage
The Day After Christmas

Santa Fe Jr.

The Villa
The Owl Carver
QS Stone Cottage
The Great Impasta Italian Restaurant
Santa's Christmas & Cookie Shoppe 2008 
Grace Baptist Church Available as kit
Duracraft Farmhouse from 1984
Half Scale Farm House finally done  
Heavenly Harvest
Greenhouse1  & Greenhouse Hide-A-Way
Dragon's Keep -The Wizard's House
Crockett House QS, & 144 Art Deco House,  Lisa's Owl
Casa de Azul HS SW
One Inch Tudor -
Owl's Hill Manor Tudor House 
Amsterdam Canal Houses
NEW Peacock Shadow Box & QS French Quarter Peacock House
NEW Quarter Scale Tuscany House Villa Campania
Other information
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