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Finished Projects for Sale
These one inch scale 1:12 have been completed by Grace Shaw and are for sale. Prices are negotiable if reasonable. 

Boys Bedroom
$200 plus shipping

Teenage Slumber Party
$300 plus shipping

The Old Crone's Pantry
Hagee and Emeralea concoct a Halloween stew just for you!
$750 plus shipping

Screen Door (optical illusion of depth)
$90 plus shipping

Wedding Bedroom Scene
$200 plus shipping

Butterfly Garden (very large)
Not for less than $1500 plus shipping

Dragon's Keep
$4500 plus shipping

Sleeping Fairy Misty and her Attendants
$250 plus shipping

Concert By the Sea (Mixed Scale)
$200 plush shipping
More to come soon    

GDP00 Unfinished Display Box
GDP00 Display Box Unfinished - with plexi viewing window 83 ⁄4H x 121 ⁄8W x 51 ⁄2D
Interior size 7-716/" H x 9-7/8" W x 4-1/8" D
$39.99 (1 in stock)
GDP00 Unfinished Display Box

You know the jokes about storing house kits under your bed? Well recently, a customer wanted to know what kind of kits I might have stored
away and when I started digging around, I found one of Real Good Toys original Log Cabin kits stored that I'd forgotten about. I'm listing it at
the original Real Good Toys price from many years ago. The kit includes all the windows, doors, stairs and even roofing shingles, logs and
everything you need to build this 4 room log cabin. The original instructions are included. Everything is in the box which I only recently opened to
see what was in the kit.  Price for the kit is $73 plus shipping. (about 19 lbs.)

J-500 Blue Ridge Log Cabin

J500 blue ridge cabin interior view

JBM J00070UF Victorian Gazebo Room Box
Unfinished Room Box (only one available) Click on images to have a closer view.
Contains a removable table, and two benches, four windows.
$173 plus shipping


ONE INCH Scale Miniatures
One Inch Dollhouse   One Inch Building   One Inch Holidays   One Inch Kitchen & Bath  One Inch Structures  Lumber Yard
Painted Metals  Rugs
Also see Metals5, Metals6, Metals7 Metals8, Metals9, Metals 10 and Metals11 
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 Metal5 Animals 
  Metals6 Seasonal, Fantasy Figures, Religious, People Figures for ALL SCALES
 Metals7 Frames & Wheels  for ALL SCALES      Metals8 One inch Clocks, Sports, Egyptian, Weapons, Soldiers, Tools & Hardware, Garden 
 Metals9 One Inch Men's, Women's, Children's, Medical, Decorator, Bathroom Accessories, & for ALL SCALES Sewing 
 Metals10 - One Inch Art Supplies, Cameras, Music & Entertainment, Phones, Bookends, Cleaning Supplies, Lighting, Office & Cans & Jars
 Metals11 - Once Inch Foods, & Kitchen Accessories

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Lumber Yard
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