How To Get Around on this Site

The KEY to getting around on this site is to start with the HOME PAGE. If you keep the home page open, using the "Contents" will help you move around the site.

The "Contents" is on the left of your screen on the Home Page. Each web-page has a name and links beneath the name telling you what is on that page. If you open a page, look at it and then close it, you will be taken back to the Home Page. You can also make the web-page you open, small by clicking on the line in the box at the top right corner of your browser. Then you can come back to it by clicking on the web-page in your task bar, usually at the bottom of your screen.

On the Home Page on the right side of your screen are advertiser's ads telling you about what they sell. If you click on the link in any ad, it will take you to their web-page ad and you can then deal directly with that advertiser. You buy directly from them and not from Virtual Dollhouse. You can see an over view of all advertisers on either
Virtual Mall or Artisans' Loft. Links to these pages are in the Contents near the top.

If you want to buy from Virtual Dollhouse The STORE, simply scroll down until you come to Grace's Online Store Virtual Dollhouse The STORE
The pages of Virtual Dollhouse The STORE are listed below in the Contents. There are links below each web-page name that tells you what is on that page.

Most 1:144 scale items, both finished and unfinished, are on Metals2, except for building supplies which are clearly marked for 1:144 scale on the Building Supply page. Also some smaller scales are on Grandt-line2. (N-scale, S-scale & HO-scale some of which can be used with 1:144)

Most finished Quarter Scale and Half Scale are on the feature web-pages ( Bespaq, Building Supplies, Dishes, Figures, Food, Furnishings, Grandt-line, Housed & Structures, QS Bespaq, Kits, Lumber Yard, Outdoor, Wallpaper.

Finished one inch scale is on ONE INCH SCALE

Unfinished metal accessories are listed on "Metals" pages. You can see what is listed on each of the Metals pages in the Contents.
Metals4 and Metals4-2 are INDEX pages that will tell you which metal page to look on for the items lists.
Metals1 is all QS metals.
Metals3 is all Half Scale metals.
Metals3-2, Metals5, Metals6, and Metals7 have all scale on them.
Metals8, Metals9, Metals10, & Metals11 are One inch scale.

 Please remember, scales are just suggested guidelines.
 Items can be  used in other scales depending on how you plan to use them.

Quarter Scale (1:48) and Half Scale (1:24) and One inch (1:12) and 1:144 scale

Below the merchandise pages in Contents are Tips, Store Terms, directions to the store, Conversion Charts, Free Projects, and Wood Size Charts.

Below that in Contents, are the Service pages. These are information pages where you might find things that are fun or informative.

Finally, the the last section of  Contents are Grace's projects. These are pages of projects which Grace Shaw has made. They are there for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions about where something is, feel free to e-mail Grace.

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These pages are not abandoned. They are historical pages that do not change.