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144 Scale Northeastern Victorian Bay Kit 1/2024
I got this kit years ago form an online convention. It sat on my shelf with a lot of other items I got from the convention. Recently, I was rearranging my shelves and I found this box with this Victorian Bay kit in it. To be honest, I didn't recognize the kit when I first found it but it looked like something Northeastern Lumber would put out. It came partly put together, though it was put together incorrectly. At first I couldn't figure it out and I knew I couldn't furnish it unless I took it apart. Normally in 144 scale houses the flooring comes out the back opening of the house but this one didn't. My hubby took one look at it and said, "You'll have to take the front off because the floor was put in from the front." In more than 30 years of doing minis, I'd never heard of such a thing. But sure enough, I took the font off and I could take out the second floor/ceiling so I could furnish the house. It confused me so badly, that I didn't realize until it was too late, that the reason the floor went in from the front was that the two inside walls were put in backwards. I had already started to furnish the house when I got that "OH NO" thought. So, since it was now too late to switch the walls back to the right direction (I had already wallpapered the walls and mostly completed the kitchen) I had to work on the house without the front on it. It was a real challenge to get wallpaper right that way. Consequently, this house is not one of my better jobs workmanship wise. Also the house came with a mystery. There was almost no paper work with the house. But there was some outside Victorian trim that said it was for a Garfield. However, one look at the profile of the house and I know it wasn't a Garfield. I spent several weeks looking online for photos of 144 scale house kit until I finally found a photo of the house on an old blog from 2017. Seems that this house was one of Northeastern's "early models, and wasn't carried over into their later kit list. It took some doing but I didn't get it done. The photos don't do it justice. I don't know why I have such trouble taking photos of 144 scale items. I tried two different cameras and you may notice the quality/color isn't the same in some of the photos. However if they were clear and showed a slightly different perspective. I still used them. Even though not my best work, I hope you will enjoy touring this little house that took me so long to get around to working on.

144 Scale Victorian Bay

Color is Butter cream with Navy trim.

I uses the trick with making flowers from bunka that I learned from Jean Day.

I use aquarium rock to make the walkway.

The inside is lighted with LED lighting.

Non lighted view

Slightly different angle

From the top down, the second floor blue bedroom.

Second floor Pink bedroom

This photo is from the old camera but the angle allows you to see the cat on one bed.

The bathroom was really hard to photograph. Again this is the older camera.

The bathroom was so narrow, I had problems getting the side walls. You can't really see it but there is a cat on the lounge.

Paint job on the metal dresser turned out terrible. I did it over a couple of times and it only got worse.

Onto the first floor. This dining room with the kitchen behind it was another room that was difficult to photograph. I don't think the breakfast nook with the cafe table shows up hardly at all. There are also cabinets on the walls on both sides.

Also my curtains didn't work too well.

You can see a glimpse of the kitchen

The living room.

I had trouble getting my lamps to stand up straight.

I tried to make the fireplace glow and the candles have flame on them but they didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.

I couldn't find doors that would fit the openings so I used jalousie doors on all the interior rooms. There wasn't much to attach them too so some look a little wonky.

The study

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