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Orders  or E-mail:
Please include your address & phone number on orders,
 or I can't quote postage.
I accept PayPal (including credit cards) & checks.
If you send an order and don't get a response within 24 hours, please call me.

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Miniatures for World Peace!
If we would all do miniatures, we wouldn't have time to create wars and do other mean things to each other! The Miniature Community is generally
a very peaceful and loving group of people. 

Visiting Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures Store

While I'm always happy to have people visit my store, please understand that I open the story BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 410-239-2377 (after 2 PM) to set up an appointment. I prefer to have at least 24 hours notice to set up an appointment. However, if you find that you are in the area and would like to stop in, PLEASE CALL AND ASK IF IT'S OKAY TO COME BY. I require at least several hours notice. My husband works evenings so we are on a different schedule than most people. If you give me at least a few hours notice, I will try to pull myself together and I will open the store and do my best to accommodate your schedule. Please understand that my store is in my home so I appreciate the curtsey of a call at least an hour before you expect to arrive. Thank you.

Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures Terms for Orders, Shipping, Payment, Returns, Privacy, Gift Certificates, Contest and Newsletter
The items for sale on this website are for adults and NOT for CHILDREN
 under 14 years of age.

Orders  should be placed by E-mail. Virtual Dollhouse The STORE prefers to treat each customer special. Shopping carts don't do that. They never have options for questions, or to request less expensive shipping (when available). We will respond to all orders within 48 hours. If you don't hear from us, please RESEND your e-mail order as it didn't arrive, or call 410-239-2377, fax us or try the alternate e-mail.  While we will take your order over the phone, please understand that we have a hearing problem and your order may be more accurate if sent by e-mail. We will, to the best of our ability, keep the stock counts current on all WebPages.
Special Orders in any scale are welcome however any special order over $25 will require a deposit of 50% before merchandise is ordered. Please note that Special Orders are not refundable (except for damage) and shipping charges for any order are never refundable.
Additional shipping may apply for some special orders.

TO ORDER: Please send, shipping address and phone number in your e-mail.
For more information see below. Thank you.
Orders  Alternate order e-mail:
Fax orders:
Second Alternate E-mail. Please note that this address is a home address and not the best address for an order.
Custom orders can not be cancelled after they are started unless you pay for the entire order.
All custom orders must be paid in full within 6 months or the merchandise will be placed on my
website and sold to pay for the order. Any orders more than 90 days old will have a late fee of $25 added each month that the order is not paid in full.

HOW TO ORDER: 1. Please open an e-mail to or ; In the subject line put Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures Order.
2. Then copy and paste (or type) the item name and number (and description if you like) into the body of the e-mail. Please include your SHIPPING ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER  in case of a problem (yes foreign phone #'s too. Needed for the customs forms)
3. How you want to PAY - Checks**(in the US only) or PayPal (I take credit cards through PayPal)
If you don't specify your choice of PayPal or check, we will use PayPal to send you an invoice.

 4. Hit send. If you don't get a reply within 24 hours, please either call or re-send the e-mail or use to send another e-mail order.
**Checks must be made out to
Grace Shaw. My bank won't cash checks made to Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures. Any check received made to Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures will be returned to you at my discretion to be made over to Grace Shaw. Your order will not be shipped until valid payment is made.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available upon request. They are good for one year from the date of issue for merchandise or shipping. A written Gift Certificate will be snail-mailed or e-mailed to the purchaser to give to the recipient, or we can e-mail it to your recipient for you. To redeem a gift certificate, it must be returned by snail or e-mail mail to:
Grace Shaw
Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures
5137 Hoffmanville Road
Manchester, MD 21102-2234
gift certificate
To purchase contact: or Call: 410-239-2377
If this is to be a surprise, please use an e-mail account that the person who
 will be receiving the gift certificate won't see, or provide an address to send
it to so that your recipient won't get it by mistake.
Please note that the $25 Virtual Dollhouse
& Miniatures Contest Gift Certificates are only good for six months and must be used before the next contest win date.

Why we charge PayPal fees
When we first started the store, we didn't charge the PayPal fees and we weren't breaking even with sales.. We tried to determine the most fair way to charge the fees. I considered raising the price of all my merchandise by the % PayPal charges. However, no matter which fee I used, the US fee or the International fee, someone would be paying more or less than every one else. I decided to keep my prices as low as possible and charge everyone the fee for their area of the world as the most fair way to go. If you object to paying the PayPal fee, you can buy using a check.** I determined that PayPal is a convenience for those who want faster service. Therefore, those customers will be charged the PayPal fee. The fee is a minimum of $1 or the PayPal fee rounded to the nearest 25. With the formula on the invoice, it usually comes out to within a penny or two of the actual cost. We do not make money on PP fees. Therefore it is your choice of weather to pay them or not. **International customers may also use Postal Money Orders (which must clear before shipment) if they choose not to use PayPal in my experience, PayPal is less expensive than postal money orders..

Maryland orders will have state tax added to purchase.
My handling fee is $2 to cover the cost of packing & packing materials.

All orders must be paid in US funds.
All PayPal transactions will include PayPal service charges that will be applied to your order..
All orders will be shipped with a Tracking Number
All orders under 13 ounces
will be shipped First Class + $2 handling (for packing & packing materials) +  PayPal costs, if you use PayPal (minimum of $1 and in 25 increments up to the actual cost). All First Class US orders will have a tracking number. 
 Orders over 13 ounces will be shipped Priority Mail + Insurance (if desired) + $2 handling (for packing & packing materials) + PayPal costs, if you use PayPal (minimum of $1and in 25 increments up to the actual cost).  All Priority Mail US orders will have a tracking number.

Custom shipping available: UPS or FedEx  (ALL charges will be paid by customer)
International Shipping (Shipping is determined by weight of package)
Due to the new Vat tax rules Virtual Dollhouse will only ship to the UK if the order is under 15
or over 135 .
Virtual Dollhouse will replace refund broken items only with proof of breakage, i.e. a photograph of damaged item.  

International Shipping Terms
International shipping is determined by the weight of the package. Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures will replace broken items only with proof of breakage, i.e. a photograph of the damaged items.  Virtual  Dollhouse & Miniatures will NOT replace items broken or missing by customs. Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures reserves the right to replace or refund broken items whichever is less expensive. You the customer assumes all loss for first class postage except for breakage. If you ship first class without being registered or insured and you go to PayPal to get a refund you will no longer qualify for First Class Shipping of any kind. Payment of your invoice constitutes your acceptance of this binding contract between Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures, the seller and you, the buyer. 

International Postal Money Orders accepted as long as they are drawn on US Funds. Shipment will not be made until International Money Orders clear. Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures  retains the right to refuse shipment to some countries. I'm sorry my bank will not accept checks NOT drawn in the US.
Shipping is not refundable.
It is the responsibility of  you, the customer, to make sure that Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures has the correct shipping address for you. If you don't give Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures an updated address after a move, Virtual Dollhouse& Miniatures will use the address on file. If the package is returned undeliverable, and you want the package sent to your new address,
If I estimate Special Order shipping for you and the actual shipping difference is more that $1, you will receive a PayPal refund for the difference in shipping, or will be billed the additional amount if the shipping is estimated short.

Lay-a-ways are available at the discretion of Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures. Lay-a-ways are for THREE MONTHS ONLY. Payments of one third of the total MUST be made each month until the lay-a-way is paid in full at which time it will be shipped. If a lay-a-way is not paid in three months, all payments will be forfeited by the customer if it is not paid within SIX months. After six months the lay-a-way will considered ABANDONED  and all payments will become property of Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures and merchandise will be returned to stock and put up for sale again. Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures will try every way possible to contact the customer but if no response is received sale will determined ABANDONDED. Accepting a lay-a-way payment plan will be a binding contract between the customer and Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures. If for any reason a customer is unable to completed their lay-a-way, it is the customers responsibility to notify Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures who reserves the right to cancel or extend said lay-a-way at their discretion. In cases of a large dollar law-a-way a small fee may be added at the discretion of Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures.

In case of breakage, breakages will be replaced, or a credit or refund will be given. If the price of postage is more than the price of the item, a credit will be given towards your next order or a refund will be sent by PayPal. You must show proof of the breakage or missing pieces within 10 days of receiving the package.

Returns must be pre-approved and  made within 10 days. A restocking fee of 25% may be charged.  Merchandise can only be returned for store credit or replacement merchandise. Postage and service charges are not refundable. Customers must pay all postage for returned items unless the item is damaged.  Damaged or missing items may be required to be returned, and/or proof of breakage (photograph) or missing pieces sent to get an exact replacement or store refund only  Opened items can not be returned without special approval & restocking fees may apply. They can be returned for store credit only.
No Returns on Special or Custom Orders except for breakage. Shipping is not refundable.

We are happy to do custom work for you. The job will determine the price of the custom work. Painting something simple can be as low as $1-$5 but can cost more if it's something difficult. Finishing kits will be charged by the hour starting at a minimum of $5 to $20 per hour depending on how difficult the kit is. Original custom work will be from $10 to $25 per hour which includes plans and time plus any material cost charged at retail. We reserve the right to charge more or less at our discretion. Once you place a custom order and work has started the order can not be cancelled unless all work done is paid for. Any job not paid for upon completion will have a late fee of $25 per month charged after three months. If you do not pay in the job in total within one year, merchandise will be sold for the best price we can get for it. All expenses will be taken from the sale. If the customer had paid for or supplied any materials and there is anything left from the sale it will be given to the customer to defer their costs. These terms are binding between Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures and the customer for any custom work.

Virtual Dollhouse will keep your address, phone # and e-mail private. We keep your information in an OFF LINE database for the use of Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures only. WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. It is there only to process your orders. If someone requests your information, we would pass this request on to you to get your permission before sharing the information. The only reason to share your information would be if you order something from an Artisan and the Artisan would need your information to ship to you. The only other reason would be if another store would be able to give you a better deal. Again, we would request your permission to share your information before passing it on.

Once or twice a month, I send out a newsletter to my established subscribing customers, updating them on what is new in my store. I also offer special prices to my subscribed customers for some items that my vendors offer. Some Venders offer gifts or discounts you will only know about if you subscribe. If you would like to subscribe to my Newsletter, please contact me with your name, address,  phone number, and e-mail so I can put you into my store database.
Privacy Policy:  I do not share customer information with anyone. The data base is for the  processing the store's orders only. E-mail me. Thank you.
To be removed from my newsletter, send your name and e-mail to me and request to be removed from the Newsletter subscription. Use the link above.

Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures $25 Gift Certificate Contest Rules
Any purchase gets your "unique customer number" dropped into the barrel for a chance to win the Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatues $25 Gift Certificate. We have expanded the contest to two dates. Customer numbers are pulled on June 1 (Spring) and December 1 (Winter.) After we pull the winner, all numbers for that six months are discarded. Each gift certificate is valid for
 six months from the date of issue. You get one chance per purchase. You may enter as often as you like by making another purchase. The more you buy, the more chances you get to win. Your chance of winning is determined by the number of purchases made during the six months of each contest period. Winners are announced in the Virtual Dollhouse Newsletter and on the Virtual Dollhouse Home Page. Winners are encouraged to supply a photograph of themselves for display on the home page, but it is not a requirement of the contest. The gift certificate may be used towards merchandise or shipping. You may only win once in every two year period. Un-used certificates will be void after six months of the date of issue and are non-transferable. If you want to give a gift certificate to a friend see above. A purchase requires that you supply your name, shipping address, phone number and e-mail to be kept in our offline database. We do not share our customer database with anyone.  It is to process and ship merchandise to customers only.  Contests start on or about 6/1 and  12/1 of each year.

Turn to the page you want to look at. At the top of  your Internet Browser, click on Edit. Then in the drop down box, click on "FIND on this page". Type in either an item number, if you know it, or a one or two work description. You will be taken to anything on that page that has your words in it. If you don't find it, try using another word for the item you are looking for, and search again. However, I don't recommend that you depend on FIND. You should still look at the page as there are many items that might not be named the same as you would think. If you can't find something, please ask. That's what I'm here for!

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Special orders welcome. Please e-mail for orders and prices.
Please include your Shipping address and Phone on orders.

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